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Welcome To Donnette Smith's Author's Blog. You can catch up on all original content wrote by The Author Donnette Smith herself. See content like book recommendations, why authors hate writing there first book. How the Sprit Walkers Trilogy Was Born, and The good, the great, and the best, which is an article sorting out good books from bad ones. All of these blog post articles are great reads and we hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

Donnette Smith Is always busy working on new content for her fans to read, however she also spends some of her spare time writing blog posts as well. See some of her most recent posts below

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mad author

Why authors hate their first book

My first book is like settling for a shake when I should have waited for the banana split. It’s like nails on a blackboard...

Sprit Walkers Series

How The Spirit Walkers Trilogy was born

The idea for the first book of The Spirit Walker Trilogy, Killing Dreams, was a story that came to me ten years ago..........

girl reading a book

The good, the great, and the best

We all have a handful of books we’ve read that either over the top inspired us or drew us into the story so deeply that they’ve never left our minds...