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My name is Donnette Smith, and I'm a romance novel writer, welcome to my website! Home to a treasure trove of fictional characters. I write about hot detectives, complete with troubled pasts, who find themselves caught up in homicide investigations that not only drag them into unexpected, dark worlds, but upheaval their lives when confronted with sexy leading ladies.

My villains are bad. And my leading ladies? Let’s just say they are feistier than a cornered cat. You never know what you’re going to find, from savage creatures, to the paranormal, and a whodunit that is sure to keep you guessing and on your toes.

But I promise to wrap it all up and leave you with a happy ending. Hey, I’m a happy ending kind of girl. So, pull up a chair, kick up your feet, and relax. Let me entertain you for a while. An adventure awaits!

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  • romance/
  • thriller/
  • horror
cunja summery

Detective Logan Payne is investigating the biggest homicide case to ever hit McKinney Texas. Pricilla Hart is a reporter hungry for a story and will do anything to get it. As the case heats up and these two collide, what unfolds is a shocking truth.

killing dreams

  • romance/
  • fantasy/
  • crime
killing dreams summery

Psychic Jenna Langley is witnessing brutal murders through out-of-body experiences. Detective Cole Rainwater isn’t taking her seriously. What will happen when Jenna becomes the hunted?


  • romance/
  • fantasy/
  • crime
buried alive summery

In Jenna’s latest vision someone is buried alive. It just so happens to be her. Everyone is in doubt…until it happens.

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~A monster dwells in all of us~


killing dreams

~When dreams become deadly~

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buried alive

~If your sixth sense speaks, believe it~

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As a result of what happened in book 2, Buried Alive, Jenna’s psychic abilities have altered. She can now see dead people and is being stalked by a spirit. And when Jenna is kidnapped by a human trafficking ring, it becomes clear the spirit following her is a past victim of the people who abducted Jenna. Things are not what they seem, and Jenna must rely on the guidance of a dead girl if she has any hope of surviving this latest horror.

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