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The Taken

the taken

As a result of what happened in book 2, Buried Alive, Jenna’s psychic abilities have altered. She can now see dead people and is being stalked by a spirit. And when Jenna is kidnapped by a human trafficking ring, it becomes clear the spirit following her is a past victim of the people who abducted Jenna. Things are not what they seem, and Jenna must rely on the guidance of a dead girl if she has any hope of surviving this latest horror.

It’s all about the 3rd and final book of The Spirit Walkers Series, The Taken. There’s so much to unpack with this one. Jenna’s latest real-life nightmare is a doozy. If you thought she’d gone through enough terror in book 1 and 2, you haven’t seen anything yet. Book 3 will make your skin crawl and leave you praying for Jenna’s survival.

And now, I have officially completed the book trailer so you can visual the whole, horrific ordeal. See Trailer The Taken is in the editing stages with the publisher now. It won’t be long. I promise. Keep posted to my website for details of the release date. Or you could subscribe to my newsletter and be the first to know. I will also have the first 3 unedited chapters of The Taken available for my newsletter subscribers. You won’t get these chapters anywhere else. Sign up for my newsletter and they’re all yours.

The Taken

New Series in the works

Lucas is an undercover agent for the DEA infiltrating a dangerous drug cartel under the persona of Scott Conner. Remi is an ex-police officer who was outed from the force long ago after her love affair with Lucas caused unimaginable tragedy to unfold. When they come face to face again, they will be the target of a ruthless drug lord and running for their lives. With little trust in each other, and old feelings of betrayal cropping up between them, can they rely on one another long enough to survive, expose the real criminals, and confront the horror that drove them apart in the first place?

As my writing progresses on book 1 of this new series, I promise to keep you updated. I’m so excited for the adventure this new series will bring. Hold on to your seat, folks. It’s about to go off the rails.