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Donnette Smith

who am I?

Donnette Smith, I am Allen’s wife, Landon’s grandma, MaryLou’s daughter, and Jacob’s mom. I am an entrepreneur, a singer, a lover of family get-togethers, and a forever friend. And I am a writer, and this is my author and bio information.

why a writer?

Because it’s in my blood and I can’t stop. My fourth-grade teacher realized this before I did. That set me on a course of inventing fictional characters and made-up stories most of my life. I never recovered from it. In fact, I’m so obsessed with writing that the day I was home alone, and my house caught fire, all I could think about while I stood outside watching the firemen extinguish the flames, was whether or not my completed manuscript was toast.

Yes, this was before the home computer made the scene, when us writers were cursed with typewriters, ink ribbons, and white out. Do they even make that stuff anymore? I am that old. And by the way, the burning house story is true. Okay, I’m not proud of it.

What am I doing now?

Working on my first series. I call them the Spirit Walker Series. A detective with a tragic past, a serial killer who is no stranger, and a clairvoyant witness who is haunted by out-of-body experiences all come together to create a compelling mystery with enough steamy romance to whet your appetite. Once you meet Cole Rainwater and Jenna Langley your life will never be the same. So, let’s get reading. See you at the end of the final chapter

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